Vintage Thai Ceremonial Earrings

Amazing statement earrings that make a beautiful jingle when worn. 

We always hate to confess this, but we don't know a ton about these.  We got them from an Asian Art collector in San Fransisco and all of the following info came from her.  They are from the hills of Thailand, probably from the Hmong people.  The embroidered fabric on the medallion is older (most probably salvaged from a larger piece) and made into earrings maybe in the 1960s or 1970s.  The medallion is ringed with rattan.  We replaced the old, thick hooks with modern sterling ones.

They aren't as heavy as they look, but they are definitely weighter than most earrings.  We'd recommend wearing them for an evening or a photo shoot, but not for everyday wear.

Approximately 7" long (longest dangle)
Medallion is 2" wide

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