We Buy Vintage

We can purchase pieces that meet the high quality and style standards that our customers have come to expect.  
As you can see from our shop, we focus on early 1900s - 1970s clothing and accessories in excellent condition with a feminine, sophisticated, or even funky style.  The common thread is that the clothing has a unique, modern appeal (i.e. doesn't look dated or like a costume).  
We're also looking for vintage menswear & accessories from the early 1900s - 1960s.

**PLEASE NOTE: due to the extremely high number of inquires we receive about selling vintage, we're going to be dedicating one day a week to responding.  Please be patient with us if you don't hear back from us immediately.  THANKS!**

Items we're currently fully stocked with and thus NOT purchasing at this time:
Wedding dresses 
Hats that are newer than the 1940s
Shoes smaller than a size 7

On our 'WISH LIST':
Show-stopping pieces
Unique pieces
Designer pieces
Print and pattern
Wowzer pieces
Items that you won't find in every other vintage shop
Natural fibers/fabrics (silk, cotton, wool, linen, etc.)
Pieces that make you say "that's really cool!"
Sizes M - XL (27" waist and larger)
Older designer pieces, including handbags (pre-1990s)
Older (1930s or older) workwear or sportswear for men or women
1940s or older day dresses (other than plain black or navy)


How to sell your vintage
Simply email us (raleighvintage@gmail.com) and include as much of the following information as you can:
     - A short description of the items or the collection you're interested in selling (eras, styles, quantity, history, labels, etc.)
     - Photos of the pieces. 
     - Condition of the pieces. (See our check list below if you're unsure of how to check the condition).
     - General sizes (bust and waist measurements are always appreciated)
     - The price you'd like to receive for each piece or lot.   Please be sure to include this information.  Inquiries without an expected price will not be considered.
     - And, where you're located.  If your item(s) look like they'd be a good match for our customers and you're fairly close to Raleigh, NC, we can arrange for a buying appointment.   


We look forward to working with you!



Condition Check List  (This is a shortened version of the check list we use to inspect each piece of vintage that goes into the shop.)
     - Overall appearance?
          Fading?  (check top of shoulders, sides, between pleats; compare top to bottom and side to side and outside to inside)
          Wash wear?  (does the item look like it has been washed a lot...like your favorite t-shirt?)
     - Seams?  (check for seam openings at waist, along sides, and underarms)
     - Hem?  (has the original hem been altered?)
     - Underarms?  (discoloration?  fading?  weak fabric?  shattering?  holes?  repairs?)
     - Old repairs or alterations?  (turn garment inside out and check for patches, altered seams, etc.)
     - Stains?  (look at garment in natural light if possible)
     - Holes?  (check hidden areas such as underarms & pleats.  hold garment up to light to find pinholes.)
     - Odors?  
     - Has the garment been cleaned?



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