Sizing & Condition

Sizing & Fit


We understand that determining if a piece of vintage clothing will fit you without first trying it on can be intimidating.   Thus, we've provided this helpful guide to measuring and determining fit.  We're also more than happy to answer any questions and provide additional measurements before to purchase.  CONTACT US with any questions.


Vintage sizing and modern sizing can be very different.  Because of this, we provide detailed measurements of all vintage clothing and a recommended general size (S, M, L, etc. rather than a specific modern dress size).





Keep in mind:  The measurements provided in the descriptions are the measurements of the dress.  Your measurements should be just a bit smaller than those measurements to allow for undergarments and room for movement.   Also, unlike modern fabrics, most vintage fabric has little or no stretch.


How do we measure?  Garments are measured flat, then appropriate measurements doubled.




Condition Descriptions

All of our items are vintage and, in most cases, have been worn. They have been previously loved and may show signs of their former life and, thus, may not be 100% free of minor defects. We describe all flaws and blemishes to the best of our knowledge and ability, but we may accidentally miss a slight and trivial imperfection. We clean, repair, and restore items to be best of our ability.  Again, vintage items are sold "as is".

Definitions of condition ratings:
Excellent- The item is in mint or near-mint condition with no visible deficiencies. When the phrase "the item shows light, normal wear, but no issues to note" is used, this simply means the item appears to have been worn, but there are no specific flaws or wear to point out. 
Very Good- The item is in nearly perfect condition but may have minor issues (such as minor wear, minor stains, etc.) that are normal for vintage clothing and do not affect this garment's wearability.   Specific flaws will be noted.
Good- The item shows minor visible flaws as noted.


Don't hesitate to ask us any questions!  We're here to help you find the perfect item that you'll adore for years to come!








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