About Us

Welcome to Raleigh Vintage!  

Founders Isaac and Andi believe vintage can be an integral part of everyone's wardrobe
and can be worn everyday...for work and play.  


Since 2009, we've been scouring every corner of the country to find the most lovely items for you.  While this incarnation of Raleigh Vintage is fairly new (launched June, 2013), we're "old pros" on Etsy.   We clean, repair, and restore each piece so they come to you ready for a new life.  We lovingly pack every item so they arrive on your doorstep safe and sound.  Whether you're new to vintage or a seasoned collector, we're here to help you through each step of the vintage shopping adventure!


Enough about us...it's about YOU!

The Raleigh Vintage woman is classic and sophisticated, but with a bit of a wild side (hidden or not).  She has an appreciation of details others may overlook.  She shuns trends and understands true style is always fashionable.  She knows the proper response to compliments, because she gets them a lot.  She's the best dressed woman in the room.  She seems to effortlessly glide through life.   She's unforgettable. 

Raleigh Vintage women usually fall into two categories:

The "fashion forward" woman.  She knows vintage offers two of the things she demands of fashion - uniqueness and quality.  She can seamlessly blend vintage and modern to create a style of her own.  She would rather go naked than be caught wearing the same outfit as someone else at a party.

The "fashion past" woman.  She LIVES in vintage.  For her, vintage isn't just a fashion statement, it is a lifestyle.  Head-to-toe vintage is her hallmark.  She knows her preferred vintage era and demands only authentic pieces.  She wouldn't be caught dead without the perfect shade of lipstick.


For the Industry.

We love working with stylists and costume departments.  Let us know what you need and we'll find it for you.  We have an extensive inventory of vintage clothing and accessories dating from the early 1900s to the 1980s for both men and women.  We can pull together collections for you to preview based on eras, styles, and sizes.  

Just a few of the shows and movies we've contributed to:

Vegas (CBS)

Bomb Girls (Global TV)

Masters of Sex (Showtime)

Grace of Monaco (Stone Angels, 2013)

The Originals (The CW)
Washington National Opera
Divorce (HBO 2016)
Vinyl (HBO 2106)



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