Vintage MidCentury Ceramic Vase by Walter Roche


Gorgeous MCM handmade ceramic vase.  White speckled glaze stripes over a red/brown body.  Glazed interior.  Marked "Roche 33" on the bottom. 

History: Roche (1923-1979) is recognized as a modernist studio potter of abstract forms and glazing techniques. He was born in Newport, RI in 1923 and after serving in the military during WWII he attended the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) using his GI Bill benefits. At RISD he earned a BFA in Industrial Design ( 1949) . After working in Indiana as an industrial designer he and his wife (who met at RISD) moved to Warner, NH in 1954, where he built a studio. Roche's pieces are known for their elegant but simple designs and glazes.

Width: 3.75" 
Height: 6.75"