Vintage Edwardian Walking Suit

This late Edwardian / early 1920s suit is a classic!  Lightweight dark navy blue wool.  The jacket is a longer length with a single button closure.  It is decorated with a perma-pleat band that runs up the back, down the front, and turns to trim the pockets. It is fully lined with printed silk.  The straight skirt has a side snap closure and is unlined.  



Label:  W.M. Taylor & Sons

Best fits:  M/L  (see measurements)

Circa:  Late 1910s / Edwardian / early 1920s

Condition:  Overall very good.  The suit is in amazing, wearable condition (especially considering its age).  There is discoloration of the lining at the underarms (this does not show on the exterior).  There are also a few very small repaired/patched holes on the back of the skirt (see photo)






Shoulders:  14.5"

Bust:  up to 36"

Waist:  up to 34"

Length:  31"

Sleeve length:  22"



Waist:  up to 29"

Hips:  up to 44"

Length:  31"