Vintage Early 1940s Red and White Seersucker Summer Suit

We really love this early 40s suit for the summer!  Lightweight red and white seersucker.  The jacket has short puff sleeves and a longer length (typical of the period) with two patch pockets.  The A-line skirt has a curved inset that created a chevron pattern on the front.  The skirt closes with side snaps.



Label:  none

Best fits:  L (see measurements)

Circa:  Early 1940s

Condition:  Overall excellent.  The suit shows light, normal wear.  The button holes show some light wear, but this is hidden behind the buttons and doesn't detract.






Shoulders:  15"  

Bust:  up to 38"  

Waist:  32"

Hips:  36" 

Length:  24.5"  



Waist: 31"  

Hips:  up to 42"

Length: 27"  




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