Vintage Early 1940s Bordeaux Straw Tilt Hat

A stunning early 1940s tilt hat that really makes a statement!  Dark plum/burgundy straw.  Shallow top with an interior band hat sits atop the head.  Wide brim that undulates.  A gros grain ribbon circles the top and hangs as a bow from below the rim.  Two dark pink flowers accent the front.  We're completely enamored with this hat and it's rare color! 



Label:  none

Best fits:  Average hat size  (see measurements)

Circa:  Early 1940s

Condition:  Overall excellent.  There is a bit of discoloration on the front interior of the part that sits on the head (see interior photo); this is not seen when the hat is worn.





Interior circumference:  22"

Brim width:  4.5" in front


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