Vintage Early 1920s Navy Wool Walking Suit

This late 1910s / very early 1920s suit is a classic!  Lightweight dark navy blue wool.  The jacket is slightly A-line with lovely embroidery and meant to be loose fitting.  It closes with plastic buttons and a loose attached belt.  The collar is wide, similar to a sailor-style collar.  The straight, just-above-the-ankle length skirt has a side snap closure and is unlined.  While we love the two pieces as a suit, the jacket could also be worn without the skirt as a gorgeous medium-weight winter coat.



Label:  none

Best fits:  M for the set; the jacket alone would fit a M/L/XL  (see measurements)

Circa:  Late 1910s / Edwardian / early 1920s / 1918-1921

Condition:  Overall very good.  The suit is in amazing, wearable condition (especially considering its age).  There are a few small repaired/patched holes on the skirt.  There is also a small bit of minor fraying to the embroidery; not terribly noticeable.






Shoulders:  16.5"

Bust:  up to 40"

Waist:  up to 42"

Length:  33"

Sleeve length:  approximately 22.5" (diagonal cuffs)



Waist:  up to 29"

Hips:  up to 40"

Length:  33"