Vintage Early 1920s Brown Wool Velour Coat with Soutache Trim

We love the slouch styling of these early 20s winter coats.  Heavy weight, dark brown wool velour.  A-line silhouette that fits the body very loosely.  Loose belt.  Two front pockets.  Lovely soutache runs from the pockets, over the shoulders, and down the back.  There's also soutache detailing at the sleeve hem.  Unlined.
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    Label:  none
    Fabric:  Wool (described as 'wool velour' in catalogs from the period)  
    Circa:  Early 1920s

    BEST FITS:   L/XL  (see measurements)

    CONDITION:  Overall very good.  The coat shows light, normal wear, especially considering it's age.  There's a small spot of schmutz that has been melted or burned onto one sleeve hem (see photo).  The coat is unlined; we're not sure if there was originally a lining, but it works without one.          
    Shoulders:  up to 18"
    Bust:  up to 46" (keep in mind the slouch fit) 
    Waist/hips:  up to 52"
    Length:  42.5"
    Sleeve length:  24"

  • CARE:
    Dry clean using fur method or with a furrier.  Contact us if you need more detailed care instructions.

    Rates are determined at the checkout and are based on weight and destination.  The heavy weight and size requires that this coat be shipped via USPS Priority Mail for both domestic and international destinations.  If, however, our shipping calculator's estimated rate is greater than the actual shipping costs, we will refund the overcharge.

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