Vintage 1970s David Edden Butterfly Sleeve Mini Dress

Raleigh Vintage

This rockin' mini dress is made from scarf material with hand-rolled hems and features a bold paisley print.  Elastic neckline allows the sleeves to be worn on or off the shoulders.  Fabulous hand shirring on the bodice with a gathered shelf bust.  Angel sleeves add drama. 



Label:  David Edden

Best fits:  XS (see measurements)

Circa:  Late 1960s / early 1970s

Fabric:  Silky polyester (?  feels very satiny)

Condition:  Overall very good.  The dress is in excellent condition, but there is just a hint of age fading in the dark blue background (fading ever so slightly to a purple).  This is extremely difficult to detect, but mentioned for accuracy.





Bust:  up to 36"  (91.5 cm)

Waist:  20" - 26"  (51 - 66 cm)

Bodice length:  16.5"  (42 cm)

Skirt length:  17"  (43 cm)

Sleeve length:  23"  (58.5 cm)