Vintage 1960s US Army Workwear Jumpsuit

Medium-weight cotton in iconic army green.  Button front.  Waist has adjustable tabs, as do the pant cuffs.  Large angled front pockets; one back pocket.      

Label:  Name of Item: Coveralls, Men's (message us if you'd like all of the numbers)
Fabric:  OG-107 Cotton Sateen
Circa:  1960s (1965) 
Condition:  Overall excellent.  Jumpsuit appears to have never been worn (we have washed to remove surface dust).  

BEST FITS:  S / M  (shown on a size 2 dress form) 
Shoulders:  17.5"
Bust:  41" 
Waist:  31" unbuttoned (can be cinched to 24" or 28" when buttoned) 
Hips:  44"
Bodice length:  18.5" 
Pants length: 40"
Total length:  58"
Rise:  14"
Inseam:  28.5"
Sleeve length:  22.5"
Fit note:  these jumpsuits look best slightly oversized.

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