Vintage 1950s Sheer Floral Sweetheart Blouse

This is such a sweet 1950s blouse!  Sheer white nylon with a pink floral pint.  The collar is trimmed with lace.  Puff sleeves.  It buttons up the back.

NOTE: this lovely blouse may require your favorite vintage camisole.



Label:  only lot/size label

Best fits:  L/XL (see measurements)

Circa:  1950s

Condition:  Overall very good.  The blouse shows light, normal wear, but no issues to note. The bottom of the button placket opens a bit; I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but it is concealed if the blouse is tucked in.





Shoulders:  15.5"

Bust:  up to 40"

Waist:  up to 36"

Length:  21.5"

Sleeve length:  14"




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