Vintage 1940s Noir Rayon Drape Dress

Raleigh Vintage

This amazing 1940s dress looks as though it could have walked straight out of a classic Noir movie!  Lightweight, dark brown rayon with a tone-on-tone print.  Extra-wide shoulders, supported with large shoulder pads, have ruching at the top.  The straight skirt is brought to life with draping swags on either side.  Side metal zipper.  Super sexy and elegant!



Label:  none

Best fits:  XS (see measurements)

Circa:  1940s

Condition:  Overall excellent.  There is a small dark spot on the lower, front of the skirt, but, because it is on dark fabric, it is extremely difficult to detect (our camera wouldn't pick it up, but I'm mentioning it for accuracy).  The belt shows a bit of wear.





Shoulders: 16"

Bust:  up to 34"

Waist:  24"

Hips: up to 32"

Bodice length:  15.5"

Skirt length:  29"

Sleeve length:  23"