Vintage 1930s Floral Pique Cotton Day Dress

Such a sweet late 30s deadstock dress.  Lightweight white pique cotton with a yellow and green floral print.  Lace trim.  Short puffed sleeves.  Fitted waist with a gathered skirt.  Button back.  

Label:  Darlene
Fabric:  Cotton 
Circa:  Very late 1930s / early 1940s

Condition:  Overall excellent.  The dress shows light, normal wear.  Although the dress is deadstock and has never been worn, we washed it to remove extensive storage dust.  There is just a tiny bit of very faint browning in the ruffling of one shoulder (see photo).  It isn't terribly noticeable, but is mentioned for accuracy.


Shoulders:  15"
Bust:  up to 35"
Waist:  27"    
Bodice length:  15" 
Skirt length:  23.5"

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