Vintage 1920s Yellow Midi Sailor Top

1920s Midi blouse in a rare color.  Lightweight, pale yellow cotton broadcloth with brown trim.  Iconic style with a sailor collar.  Pull-on style.  Boxy fit.  Pair with vintage jeans for a great casual look.

Label:  Bonnie Briar; Genuine Broadcloth
Fabric:  Cotton
Circa:  1920s
CONDITION:  Overall very good - excellent.  The top shows light, normal wear, with no specific issues to note.  

BEST FITS:  S / M  depending on how you prefer the fit            
Shoulders:  18"
Bust:  up to 38"     
Waist:  up to 39"      
Length:  23"       
Sleeve length:  20.5"
Sleeve circumference: 13.5" at bicep

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