Vintage 1920s Peach Silk and Lace Bed Jacket

A gorgeous 1920s silk and lace bed jacket.  Medium weight, pale peachy-pink silk with ecru lace trim.  The jacket is made from a single piece of fabric that is folded over and tacked at the sides to create arm holes.  It is open front and hangs loosely.  There is a very sweet silk ribbon rose corsage at one side.  It would be fun to wear this over a lacy tank with jeans.



Label:  none

Best fits:  Any size, but would probably look best on a M, L, or XL (see measurements)

Circa:  1920s

Condition:  Overall excellent.  The jacket has just a few very minor blemishes.  There is a teensy pinhole at the back near the bottom and a scuff to the fabric on the sleeve (see photos) - both are not that noticeable at all when the jacket is worn.  The silk and lace are both very strong and the jacket is extremely wearable.





Width:  39"

Length: 22"



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