Vintage 1920s Geometric Woven Coat

This extremely rare 1920s coat is made from colorful woven wool yarn (similar to a jacquard style).  The abstract geometric shapes are typical of the early 20th century aesthetic.  It hangs with a very subtle A-line and closes at the neck with an ove-rsized red plastic toggle button.  It has raglan sleeves for comfort.   The coat is unlined but has covered seams...impeccable construction and detailing.   



Label:  none

Best fits:  free size, but would look best on M/L

Circa:  1920s

Condition:   Overall very good.  The coat is extremely wearable and has been cleaned.  There are a few very minor pulls; these easily get lost in the pattern and colors.





Shoulders:  approximately 16"  (40.5 cm)

Bust: open

Length: 38"  (96.5 cm)




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