Peach Chili Pepper Tomato Jammy-Spread - Seasonal

V Smiley Preserves

A jammy nod to BBQ sauces, this savory & HOT preserve tastes like August summer. A jar of this Peach Tomato Lime and Chili Jam slides gracefully from your cheeseboard to pulled pork sandwiches and into your arsenal of BBQ mops you pull out alongside your grill and favorite style of ribs.

The tomatoes and chilies come from the V Smiley farm. Bulgarian Carrot Chilies live up to their name in looks (slender and orange) and pack a fruity flavor but without the heat of a habanero though the piquancy on this preserves falls into the HOT category.

This honey sweetened jam contains: peaches (Hudson Valley, NY / Pennsylvania / VT / certified organic), tomatoes, honey, lime juice, bulgarian carrot peppers, lemon juice, lime zest.

6 oz glass jar

V Smiley Preserves
New Haven, Vermont

Made in the USA / Woman Owned