Orris Sanitizing Hand Spray - Joy

JOY is a Vetiver Citrus scent.

We’ve always believed in the soothing benefits of scent, and even more so now in this time of uncertainty.

Orris's new, natural Sanitizing Perfumes are carefully blended in-house with 70% organic alcohol (the CDC recommends greater than 60% for efficacy). Made to help sanitize hands without drying them out, these divine scents feel and smell more like fine fragrances than off-the-shelf sanitizers.  

To use:  Some natural separation may occur, give your bottle a shake before spritzing. Use liberally on hands, paying attention to spray the finger tips, palms and back of hands. 

Made from organic 190 proof ethyl alcohol, distilled water, organic essential oils (bergamot, vetiver, neroli), organic fractionated coconut oil.

50ml glass spay bottle 

Clean. Cruelty-free. Vegan.

Orris Perfumery
Los Angeles

NOTE:   Nothing beats washing your hands with soap and water for the recommended 20 seconds, but these can help reduce the spread of germs when used in addition to frequent and proper hand washing. The CDC also states that hand sanitizers will not work well if hands are dirty or wet, so wash your hands and make sure they are dry before applying.