Nectarine Lemon Marmalade - Seasonal

Nectarine Lemon Marmalade with Bee Balm and Lemongrass

This preserve is an amalgam. The grassiness of the lemongrass and the herbal sweetness of the bee balm flowers combine with sweet nectarine and tangy lemon to produce a flavor that screams CANDY. 

The working elements are lemon shred and nectarine chunks in a nectarine lemon jelly, flecked with bee balm flowers and infused with lemongrass.

This preserve is a flavor bomb and would be wonderful with toast and a creamy cheese.

The honey sweetened marmalade is made with: nectarine, honey, lemon, lemongrass, bee balm.  No added sugar or pectin.

Please note: this is a season flavor so the quantities are limited.

6 oz glass jar

V Smiley Preserves
New Haven, Vermont

Made in the USA / Woman Owned