Crave: Recipes Arranged by Flavour, to Suit Your Mood and Appetite

Crave is a cookbook arranged by flavor, so that you can quickly leaf to the section you most want to eat. It’s a clever concept (versus the more traditional starter-main-dessert way), and one that we haven’t tried before. 

Think of fermented and fresh tomato salad with feta for when both sun and cook are already smiling; or lamb chops with cacio e pepe white beans if in need of a re-set; the likes of 'nduja spatchcock chicken, should a tickle of chili be in order; or curried brisket noodles to meet spice needs. Whether we want snap and crunch or velvet softness, sharp citrus or warming aromatics, or just something involving bubbling, molten cheese, Crave presents a fresh take on seasonal cooking, but goes beyond that too – acknowledging core instincts and base itches, and so delivering recipes you'll want to make every day of the week, whatever the weather or mood.

6 Flavor Profiles (our favorite so far is "Spiced & Curried"). Over 100 recipes. Every craving covered.

256 pages
7"x 10"