Blackcurrant Shiro Plum Honey Jam

V Smiley Preserves

Blackcurrants are magic; that tartness and cassis musk. The New York Shiro Plums let the blackcurrants be the star of this flavor, but the plums contribute enormously to the texture, making sure the jam is not overwhelmed by the seed and skin of the blackcurrant.

Eat this with rich fish like roasted tinned sardines or fresh black cod. Baste roast chicken with pan juices and jam. Assemble a salad of roasted and fresh veggies atop a shmear of Blackcurrant Plum Jam. Spoon this tart, purple preserve into banana smoothies. This flavor belongs everywhere, from morning oatmeal and yogurt bowls to gin cocktails. For cheese pairing, try a blue!

This honey sweetened jam contains: shiro plum, honey, blackcurrant, lemon juice.  No added sugar or pectin.

6 oz glass jar

V Smiley Preserves
New Haven, Vermont

Made in the USA / Woman Owned