Artist Adapted Protest Army Jacket


This a project to use vintage to support anti-racism causes.  Local black artists are creating protest pieces out of Vietnam era jackets to connect the struggles of today with the history of the civil era struggle 50 years ago.   

The first jacket in this series was created by local artist and business owner, Crystal Clark.  Artist statement: "Confronting the future while honoring the past. It is imperative to have a vision of the future in order to create it. I chose Sankofa because I believe we must use the lessons of the past to continue to build a legacy for future generations. Our ancestors dreamed of a time we’d be free and they were intelligent, skilled, and diverse. I am proud of that. Sankofa is a metaphorical symbol used by the Akan people of Ghana. A lot of people were stolen from Ghana and brought to the US. I see my people that look like my family when I look at the people of Western Africa."
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The proceeds will be divided between the artist and a non-profit organization of their choice.  Crystal has chosen DHIC: Home to Opportunity

BEST FITS:   M / L / XL  (Shown on size S dress form)
Shoulders:  19"
Bust:  50" opens into the large sleeves
Waist/hips: free, 58"
Length: 29"