Antique 1840s Linen Menswear Pants

SUPER RARE wearable menswear pants from the 1840s.  Lightweight linen.  Fall-front, button inner layer buttons up the middle and the outer layer buttons to the inner layer.  There are two hidden pockets and a watch-pocket.  Suspender attachment are the original bone buttons.  Belted back.  We've shown them with a pair of 1940s suspenders that we'll also include.  These are 180-ish years old!

Label:  none 
Fabric: Linen
Circa:  1840s
Condition:  Overall excellent for the age.  The pants shows normal wear.  There is some rust on the back buckle.  There's also some expected small spots (though these are truly not distracting).  

BEST FITS:  S / M (shown on a size 2/4 model)
Waist:  32" at top set of buttons; 34" at bottom set of buttons
Hips:  38"
Length:  44"
Rise: 16"
Inseam:  29.5"