Alantoíne Protective Hand Cream

Alantoíne is an incredible cream to gel texture blending allantoin extract with glycerin, for a total hand turnaround: instantly smoother, rebalanced and protected. A must have with its addictive lemon scent. Hands up for Alantoíne!  Normal to dry skin.

99% Natural Ingredients
0% paraben
0% petroleum
0% phenoxyethanol
Cruelty-free & VEGAN
Dermatologically tested

Key Ingredients
Allantoin is a classic vegetable ingredient used in cosmetic formulas since early XXth century, acting as a skin protector and emollient. It presents a soft keratolytic action, promoting a natural peeling that turns skin softer and smoother.
Gliceryn, with its moist properties, keeps skin hydrated
Organic lemon extract boosts citric scent

Shop owner's note: I discovered Benamor (founded in 1925) for the first time while I was working at the National Archaeology Museum in Lisbon.  I would spend my lunch hour wondering the streets around the museum and stumbled upon Benamor's beautiful shop, to which I returned until I owned almost every product.  I'm so excited to now offer their lotion in my own little shop.

Lisbon, Portugal