Vintage Clothing Check List

Below is the check list we use to ensure each piece of vintage we have on the site meets our high standards.  


Overall appearance?
     Fading?  (check top of shoulders, sides, between pleats, compare top to bottom and side to side and outside to inside)
Seams?  (check for seam openings at waist, along sides, and underarms)
Hem?  (has the original hem been altered?)
Underarms?  (discoloration?  fading?  weak fabric?  shattering?  holes?  repairs?)
Old repairs or alterations?  (turn garment inside out and check for patches, altered seams, etc.)
Stains?  (look at garment in natural light if possible)
Holes?  (check hidden areas such as underarms & pleats.  hold garment up to light to find pinholes.)