Vintage Remade 1930s Quilt Top

We've created a simple, but fun top using fabric from a distressed 1930s quilt and an Edwardian corset cover topper.  This will be your "go to" summer top.  Lightweight cotton.  Drawstring at the neckline.  Slips on over the head; unlined.

Label: none
Fabric:  Cotton
Circa:  Edwardian/1910s and 1930s remade in 2021
Condition:  Overall very good.  The top shows light, normal wear.  Because the materials used were distressed, there will be some expected light stains or small pinholes.  All fabric has been cleaned.

Shoulders: 16"
Bust:  46" overbust (topper) / 52" bust
Waist:  62"
Length: 24.5"

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