P.F. Candle Co. Soy Candle

Hand-poured into amber colored jars.  100% natural soy wax.  Cotton wick.  

AMBER & MOSS:   Mossy and clean at the start, this fragrance's base of musk and amber evoke a damp wooded forest floor layered with soft oakmoss.  A hint of lavender and an infusion of sage and orange lend to this scent's brightness.  (A shop favorite!)   

TEAKWOOD & TOBACCO:  Bold and complex, this scent starts out musky and a little bit sexy with lead notes of leather, pepper, and tobacco.  A base of teak and sandalwood with a hint of orange and patchouli make this scent popular with both men and women.

GOLDEN COAST:  Inspired by California's coast - notes of salty sea air, redwood, eucalyptus, and a hint of white lavender.  This invigorating scent is infused with essential oils of sage and palo santo. 

CANNABIS:  Sultry notes of sweet balsamic, leather, and vetiver harmonize with fragrant patchouli, piquant rhubarb, and uplifting lemon to create a uniquely elevating experience that soothes the mind.  The fragrance does not contain the real deal, but it still takes us to that zone. 

7.2 OZ.
Burn time 40-50 hours 

Los Angles, CA.      

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