Vintage 1940s Pin Up Black Girdle

An oh-so-sexy 1940s girdle!  The bust has black lace over a nude mesh lining with a small floral accent.  The sides are tight elastic panels that really hold the curves firm.  the front and back center panels are a silky black acetate(?).  A small ruffle decorated the bottom.  Adjustable straps.  This piece pulls on over the head without any openings.  Oh-so-sexy!



  • Label               none
  • Best fits           S (see measurements)
  • Circa               1940s
  • Fabric              Lace and acetate(?)

Condition      Overall excellent.  The girdle shows light, normal wear.  It looks as if this would have at garter holders at one point, but they have been removed.   If desired, holders could easily be stitched back in.





  • UNDER Bust      24" - 31"
  • Cup                    best fits B/C
  • Waist                  25" - 27"
  • Hips                   29" - 33"
  • Length               approximately 27.5" (adjustable straps)



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