Spela 9-Free Nail Polish

Spela's 9-Free Nail Color in The New Neutrals. Inspired by the neutrals in our daily lives and the role of a neutral nail as part of your everyday wardrobe.  Spela's 9-Free Nail Color brings you wearable shades in slightly unconventional tones to elevate your look. This is the nail color you'll want to wear every single day.

Inspired by our favorite way to cleanse crystals - is a soft wash of translucent white.  It is the only shade that isn't highly pigmented, but meant to give your nails a sheer veil that applies very evenly.

As the name suggests is the Greatest Of All Time - our favorite gray.  Pale enough to read as a nude-toned nail, without being too cool toned to wash you out.  And as a gray - it really goes with absolutely everything.

A dark taupe putty color similar to the wet clay you might use at the pottery studio.  It works really well as an updated and slightly unconventional nude shade on olive to dark skin tones.

a medium-dark gray with purple tones, reminiscent of the way the sky lights up as you wait for the sun to rise.  It's an easy way to ease into doing a dark nail.

The perfect dark charcoal shade.  A dark ashy charcoal gray tone with just the slightest olive undertone making it softer and more wearable than a true black.

All polishes are 9-Free, vegan, cruelty free, highly-pigmented, & made in the USA. "9-Free" means our nail polishes are formulated without Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Xylene, Lead, Paraben, Ethyl Tosylamide

.40 fl. oz glass bottle  with box


Made in Portland, OR  


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