Small Geode & Concrete Planter

Tal & Bert is the meeting point of raw natural minerals and industrial concrete. Their designs are made from hand poured concrete that has been sculpted by hand in small batches. Their work is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, finding the beauty in imperfections. They take the cracks and breakages in the concrete and turn them in to designs inspired by mineral geodes they mine themselves. 

These goede planters can be used not only to plant small plants or hold larger air plants.  There is a drainage hole at bottom of the planter. Each geode shape and size will slightly vary from planter to planter; no two are alike.  Air plants not included.

3.2" x 1.6" (exterior measurements) and 2.6" x 1.25" (interior measurements).

Tal & Bert
Pittsburgh, PA

Handmade / Made in USA / BIPOC owned

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