Made by Yoke Balancing Perfumed Oils

Hand-blended oil crafted in small batches from organic plant-based blends.  Rooted in the foundations of Yoga and Ayurveda, each product is made with intention, led by the wisdom of ancient cultures, and  crafted seasonally through sustainable practices. All goods are socially and spiritually motivated -- designed to honor the journey within.  

RASA:  Rasa is the taste of life, the essence of joy, the most refined intersection of matter and energy perfectly aligned.  Coconut and safflower oils infused with rose and jasmine petals blended with jasmine, mandarin, and cypress fragrance/essential oils to incite joy.  (Scent profile: Rich, sweet camphor)

NOMAD:   Noman is for the risk taker, and the adventurer, unafraid of roaming the globe -- following intuition -- wherever it may lead.  Coconut and safflower oils blended with vanilla and lavender and infused with freshly harvested lavender buds.  (Scent profile: Sweet, powdery lavender)

FLOW:  Flow isn’t about velocity, it’s about finding resonance with your best self and opening to the continuous stream of love and well-being.  Coconut and safflower oils blended with absolute rose fragrance/essential oils and rose petals to encourage heart opening.  (Scent profile: Strong red rose)

Paraben, GMO and sulfate free.  Cruelty free.  
.5 fl oz glass bottle

Made in Venice, CA.      

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