Vintage Late 1970s Indian Cotton 2 Piece Dress - Purple

You're not seeing double, we have 2 of these amazing sets.  This one has purple and orange tones on a pink background.  Lightweight Indian block print cotton.  Off-the-shoulder crop top.  Midi length skirt with a ruffle hem.  

Label:  India Overseas Trading
Fabric:  Cotton
Circa:  Late 1970s / early 1980s
Condition:  Overall excellent.  The dress set is unworn (deadstock), but we have washed it to remove storage dust.

BEST FITS:   M  (Shown on a size 2 model)
Shoulders:  open
Bust: 36"
Top length:  9"
Skirt waist:  28"
Skirt hips: open
Skirt length:  34"


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