Good JuJu Herbal Felted Soap

Felted soap is built on the idea of combining handmade soap and a washcloth in the most fun way possible. Handmade soap wrapped in a naturally antimicrobial coating of roving (an exfoliating unrefined wool).  The roving will shrink with the size of the soap.  Ideal for all skin types.   A great lavender or lemongrass scent.


Ingredients:  Saponified oils of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Vegetable Oil, Natural Roving, Lavender EO, Shea Butter, Vitamin E Oil. 

5.5 oz. bar.  Roving colors are shades of muted greens and purples.  Each one varies.

All natural.  Organic.  Cruelty free.  Vegan.  


Made in NC    

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