Bog Berry Dryer Balls

An eco-friendly & non-toxic alternative to dryer sheets!  

Why dryer balls?

-Unlike commercial fabric softeners, dryer balls won't diminish absorbency in towels, cloth diapers, or athletic clothes.

-They're as durable as hard PVC plastic dryer balls or tennis balls, but won't damage clothing or require heating plastic (ew!).
-You can add a few drops of essential oil, so can control the "scent" of your laundry (no more overly-saturated perfume smells).

-They are non-toxic and safe for families and pets, and good for folks with sensitive skin or allergies.

-They cut the drying time, so save energy.
-They look pretty (yeah, there's that too).

Each set includes 6 dryer balls, and a storage bag that has been hand printed with information and instructions for use.  Made with Mulesing Free Wool - 100% wool.


Bog Berry Dryer Balls
Made in Philadelphia 



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