African Beauty Butter (multiple formulas)

Fusing the depth of West Africa with the allure of East Africa, a majestic blend of Ugandan and Ghanaian Shea butter sets the foundation for our luxuriously creamy and silky smooth African body butter. Inside, a curated mix of African sourced oils.

Unscented: all of the good stuff with a neutral scent that will pair well with your own perfumes and scents.

Moroccan Blue Tansy: Egyptian Blue Chamomile:  Deep Azul Blue in color, the scent soothes and eases feelings of emotional anxiety while gently releasing skin-nourishing warmth. 

Ugandan Vanilla - Ethiopian HoneyRich, warm, and sweet best describes our Ugandan Vanilla and Ethiopian Honey Butter. Pure notes of vanilla invite sensuality and relax inhibitions meanwhile soft notes of spice, tobacco and a very deep, sweet, balsamic body note make this scent irresistible. 

Egyptian Lavender And Moroccan Mint:  Luscious floral notes of Egyptian Lavender fields with herbaceous tones of Moroccan Mint create the ultimate relaxing aroma. Soothing menthol paired with Lavender’s cooling and drying energy helps relax the mind, soothe tension and anxiety, and evokes calmness and composure.

Nigerian Lemongrass And South African Palmarosa:  Nigerian Lemongrass and South African Palmarosa co-mingle to provide a smooth, fresh, invigorating earthy-citrus aroma. This blend of lemony-rose like softness both soothes and centers, comforting the heart and mind.

Kenyan Hibiscus And Moroccan Rose
Sweet and exotic Kenyan Hibiscus pairs with alluring baskets of roses hand-picked from Moroccan’s own M'Goun Valley of Roses to create an intense Rose aroma with ripe pear and faint spicy undertones. Delicate rose notes encourage feelings of happiness and contentment and soft Hibiscus gently calms tension.

Vegan, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Sulfate Free,Toxin Free

To use:  Swirl a dollop onto the palm of your hands and apply generously all over. Wonderful for both the body and face.


Houston, TX

Made in USA / Woman Owned / Bipoc Owned

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