The answers to everything you've ever wanted to know....and, if not, feel free to email us with your questions.



Where are you located?  Do you have a brick-and-mortar shop?
We're located in downtown Raleigh, NC.   We don't currently have a brick-and-mortar shop, but watch for something soon.


If I'm in Raleigh, can I come look at your inventory or try things on?
We have a 'working studio' located in downtown Raleigh, which you can visit by appointment.  Contact us to talk about scheduling your appointment and any special requests.  We can accommodate small groups of shoppers if you'd like to have a private shopping adventure with your friends.  Just email us at raleighvintage@gmail.com for an appointment.




Who is the Raleigh Vintage team?
Andi is the owner, buyer, researcher, photographer, clothing restorer (cleaning specialist), etc.  Isaac (when not at his full-time job) is our shipping manager and clothing restorer (sewing repairs).  






Do you buy vintage?

Indeed we do!  We can purchase single pieces or large lots.  Find out more details here.  


I'm a local photographer, can I borrow your clothing for my photo shoot?

Unfortunately, we aren't able to 'loan' items, but we love to work with local photographers.  Contact us and let us know what project you're working on and we can discuss details.  


Do you clean all of your vintage clothing before selling it?  Can you give me tips for cleaning my vintage?
We clean anything that can be hand-washed.  There are some fabrics that must be dry cleaned, but our local dry cleaners are not able to properly tackle delicate vintage clothing (we call them "vintage assassins").  If we have not cleaned an item, we'll let you know in the listing and price the item accordingly.


I'm always happy to share cleaning tips.  Keep in mind though that each item and each stain are different, so any advice given without actually seeing the item in person is only a general suggestion (I cannot be held responsible if something goes wrong).  But, if you're purchasing an item from us and would like to have specific cleaning/care recommendations for that item, let me know; I'll be more than happy to share.


Do you ever sell mens vintage clothing?
We do!  Follow @raleighvintagemen on Instagram for sneak peeks and updates on our vintage menswear collection.    



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