Healing Smudge Bundle

We love these smudge bundles for so many reasons.  They're grown, hand-picked, and wildcrafted in the Southern Appalachian mountains.   They're beautiful and smell amazing while burning.  This particular bundle is for healing.  

Made with cypress, juniper, pine, rosemary, sage, eucalyptus, rose
Approximately 9" long.

Appalachian Sacred Smoke​ is the family cottage industry of​ a poet and wildcrafter raising five children (and a lot of herbs) in a beloved old southern Appalachian farmhouse. She is the descendent of a long line of German Appalachian folk healers, wise women, hillfolk, and ordinary mystics. 

In the words of the crafter, Mary Ellen Lough..."In I have come to know the overlooked “weeds” of the fields as healers and friends, the carriers of the sacred right below our feet, rustling inside our every quiet prayer. ​Keats wrote that “The poetry of earth is never dead.” E​very where there is wildness, there is blessing, there is healing medicine. I try to weave the wild field in bloom. It is my prayer that every time you use your bundle, you will bless the plants and earth which offer themselves to you, that you will listen to what they have to teach you, and that you will offer your own heart and intentions back to the healing and tending of the “anima mundi “ - the soul of the world."

Appalachian Sacred Smoke
Asheville, NC

Made in USA / Woman Owned


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