Vintage 1930s Summer Fête Horsehair Hat

This 30s hat will definitely add some drama to your summer parties!  Navy horsehair woven in a wavy lattice pattern.   With a shallow crown and wide brim with a scalloped edge.  The brim has a flexible wire so the dramatic undulation can be adjusted to your taste; we've left it as we found it.  The wire circumference is smaller than the brim circumference, so brim cannot be made flat.  There is an oversized paper millinery accent at the front.  This amazing hat may require a hat pin to secure it to your hair.

    Label:   none
    Fabric:  Horsehair; paper flowers
    Circa:  1930s

    BEST FITS:  average hat size; sits slightly atop the head (see measurements)

    CONDITION:  Overall excellent. The hat shows normal wear.  The elastic holder is slightly stretched out, but it doesn't really affect wear.

  • Interior circumference:  22" 
    Brim width:  4.5"

  • CARE:
    Store out of sunlight to avoid fading. Contact us if you need more detailed care instructions.

    Rates are determined at the checkout and are based on weight and destination.  The size of this hat may require an oversized box and thus incur a slightly higher than normal shipping rate.  If our shipping calculator's estimated rate is greater than the actual shipping costs, we will refund the overcharge.

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